What I Do

I am a transdisciplinary and action-oriented researcher focused on understanding how to achieve significant change towards more sustainable social and environmental futures. I work with a wide range of academics and practitioners seeking to address challenges of the 21st Century.

Vision & Mission

Challenges such as poverty, hunger, obesity, plastics in the oceans, growing inequality and climate change are forcing major changes across the world. New ways of thinking and radically different approaches and practices are urgently needed to facilitate the major shifts across society to overcome and work work with these 21st Century challenges.

In this context my vision is for a worldwide community of connected, skilled and supported change-makers capable of navigating and working with the challenges of the 21st Century and focused on facilitating transformative change towards socially and environmentally sustainable futures.

My mission is to support the development of this community through research; synthesis of key knowledge; providing supportive materials; facilitating learning about the practice of transformative change; widely disseminating knowledge; and convening, inter-weaving and encouraging the development of associated networks and organisations.


My research is key to my mission. It includes international, interdisciplinary work spanning the ecological and social sciences in countries with both developed and least developed economies. It focuses on:

  • Transformations to sustainability and the practices of transformative change;
  • Vulnerability, resilience, adaptation in the context of environmental change;
  • Interactions between people and nature;
  • Understanding how researchers can achieve greater impact;
  • Developing methodological advances for more action-oriented research;
  • Tools, approaches and practices for facilitating change
  • Understanding how systems of knowledge production and use support or constrain societal transformations.