What I Do

I am a transdisciplinary and action-oriented researcher, practitioner and facilitator focused on supporting groups and organsiations to achieve significant change towards more sustainable social and environmental futures. I work with a wide range of academics and practitioners seeking to overcome 21st Century challenges.

Vision & Mission

My vision is for a worldwide community of connected, skilled and supported change-makers capable of navigating and working with the challenges of the 21st Century and focused on facilitating transformative change towards socially and environmentally sustainable futures.

My mission is to support the development of this community through research; synthesis of key knowledge; providing supportive materials; facilitating learning and strategic development of orgranisations so they can more effectively bring about transformative change; and encouraging the development of associated networks and organisations.

Research and Facilitation

My research is key to my mission. It focuses on:

  • How we can steward transformations to sustainability;
  • How to develop practices and capacity for transformative change;
  • Methodological approaches for action-oriented research;
  • Tools, approaches and practices for facilitating change
  • Understanding how systems of knowledge production – science and social science – support or constrain societal transformations.

I also actively support various organisations in develop strategic orientations and high level ambitions and then implementing them. My research and practice inform each other, allwoing for the continued improvement of concepts and approaches aimed at supporting change.