PhD Students


I work with students with diverse projects and backgrounds related to sustainability and change. This includes students from science, social science and the arts and those focused on complex projects that also lead to real world outcomes. I have also actively worked to support development of capacities of researchers and professionals working with change, such as establishing and leading the early career ‘Facing the Future’ Conference series.

Potential Students

I am particularly interested in students who already have a strong background in the world of policy or practice and who want to explore approaches to work to support or understand how to achieve significant and transformative kinds of change. If you are willing to work hard, have a desire to help change the world then I would be happy to hear from you.

Current Students

Suzanne Eugyen Om: Synergistic goals and outcomes in food system change

Lee Eyre: Using metaphors for change

Douglas Taylor: Social Licence to operate in the energy sector

Completed PhD Students

Esther Carmen. Social capital and resilience

Laura Donkers. Local experiential knowledge through artistic actions for ecological change

Jade Gunnell. Digital applications and citizen science for sustainable agriculture

Jennifer Williams. Learning and Resilience. University of Dundee.

Sami Alazemi. Evaluation of The Effects of Participatory Methods in The Teaching of Ecological Thinking in Design in Kuwait. University of Dundee.

Chris LyonExploring Power in the Theory and Practice of Resilience. University of Dundee.

Tamara DaviesRelationships between biodiversity, ecosystem services and poverty in the Solomon Islands. University of St Andrews.

Jasper KenterIntegrating monetary and non-monetary approaches to assessing shared, plural and cultural values of ecosystem services. University of Aberdeen.

Ana Attlee. Volunteer Involvement in adaptive co-management. University of Aberdeen

Elizabeth Conrad. Capturing social and cultural value of landscapes in Malta. Aberystwyth University.

Joseph Dzanja. The influence of social capital on economic livelihoods in Malawi. Aberystwyth University.

Ben Tantua. Participation, oil, conflict and development in Nigeria. M.Phil Aberystwyth University.