Facilitation & Strategic Development

I support strategic development of groups and organisations to develop strategies for re-aligning to a rapidly changeing world. I am a skilled facilitator who has designed and facilitated over 40 one-day through to multi-day participatory processes for academics, corporations, government organisations, and communities. This includes in countries with developed and developing economies.

Examples of facilitation and process design

Co-op Future of Food 2.0 – A new vision for the Co-op supermarket chain. I have designed and facilitated integrated strategic workshops for senor staff (June 2021 – ongoing).

State Agency Resilience-Building Workshop for Lousiana Government (October 2018). Co-design and co-facilitation of two day workshop to explore transformative change in the approach to the challenges facing coastal communities with senior staff of government agencies of Louisiana Government in collaboration with Centre for Planning Excellence and CSIRO, Australia

CECHR symposium (May 2018). Co-design and facilitation of interactive ideation symposium to develop project plans for 60 participants. University of Dundee, Scotland.

Seedbeds for Transformation (May 2018). Co-design and facilitation of a major two day participatory process for 300 delegates at the Future Earth supported conference in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Civil Society and Emergency Response: conflicting discourses of dependency and empowerment (Feb 2018). Designing and co-facilitating one day workshop for 40 participants from academic, policy and practice backgrounds. University of Dundee, Scotland.

Rising above: Adapting to land loss in the Louisana coast (Nov 2017). Co-design and facilitation of of a two day workshop for 50 policy, practice and community members in New Orleans, in collaboration with the Centre for Planning Excellence.

Transforming knowledge production and use (Aug 2017). Designing, facilitating and coordinating a major workshop process involving 340 delegates from 35 countries with 30% non-academic in 10 parallel work groups, processing and integrating outcomes at the Transformations to Sustainability 2017 conference, University of Dundee. 

Transforming professional practice for resilience (March 2017). Designing and facilitation of workshop for 30 high level resilience policy and practitioners (e.g. police, fire, voluntary sectors) for the Scottish Government Resilience Division. University of Dundee.

Integrated policies for resilience to climate change (August and September 2016). Two policy oriented workshops in a local authority and with policy makers on developing integrated policies for addressing the challenges of enhancing resilience to climate change. Scotland, UK

Emerging approaches for sustainability transformations (Oct 2016). Design and facilitation of three linked facilitated sessions at the Transformations to Sustainability 2016 Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.

Transformation research: Developing research ideas (October 2015). Design and facilitation of a workshop for the Scottish Alliance of Geoscience, Environment and Society. University of Western Scotland, Glasgow.

Scottish Borders Climate Resilient Communities (Sept 2015 – April 2016). Design and facilitation of participatory process that included nine community and multi-stakeholder workshops using diverse and flexible methods.

Wellbeing and collaborative community approaches to place-making (May 2015). Co-design and supporting facilitation of a 1 day interactive symposium with 80 academics and practitioners. University of Dundee, UK.

Knowledge Network for Enabling Transformation (Feb. 2015). Co-design and supporting facilitation of a 3 day meeting with 25 international academics and practitioners. Aberdour, Scotland.

Resilience in Scotland (Dec 2014). One day workshop with 30 academics and practitioners of resilience (e.g. Scottish Government) to enhance dialogue for enhancing resilience. Co-designed and facilitated with T. Hodgson.

Sustainable Transformation, Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (June 2014). Design and facilitation of a two day workshop for 20 academics across Scotland to develop project ideas and research agendas.

Social Dimensions of Environment, University of Dundee (May 2015). Design and facilitation of one day interdisciplinary workshop for academics across the University to enhance research project design.

Training in participation and facilitation for Postgraduate researchers (Oct 2013). Two day workshop, University of Dundee.

CECHR objectives workshop. Design and facilitation of a workshop for 30 people on horizon scanning and objective setting, University of Dundee.

BRIDGE Valuing Nature Network synthesis workshop (June 2012). One day workshop with 40 researchers, policy makers and practitioners to synthesize information from other workshops on valuing nature. London.

Resilience to volcanic hazards (March 2011). Two day workshop with 30 policy makers and NGO representatives in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Resilience to volcanic hazards (March 2011). One day participatory event with 250 schoolchildren on Savo volcanic island, Solomon Islands.

Resilience to volcanic hazards in archipelago nations (February 2011). Two day participatory workshop with experts (NERC representatives, academics and policy makers) at University of Leicester. 

Planning for the future (June 2010). Three day workshop for 80 community representatives in Kahua, Solomon Islands.

Learning from the past to understand future adaptation (Dec 2009). ½ day participatory workshop for 50 people for the North American Biodynamics Organisation. University of Edinburgh.

Project design and implementation of conservation and forest management in Kahua, Solomon Islands (June 2009). 3 Day workshop for 35 people in remote communities.

Embedding Social Capital in development policies and projects in Malawi (March 2009); Workshops for 25 academics and practitioners in collaboration with Bunda College, Lilongwe, Malawi. 

Participation processes in Kahua, Solomon Islands (June-Aug 2008). The design, coordination and implementation of a large scale participatory research process covering 40 communities. This culminated in a facilitated four-day workshop for 80 participants.