Ethos and Pedagogy

I support learning about how to achieve inner and outer change in ways compatible with enabling more regenerative ways of living. This requires applying diverse ways of facilitating learning, such as through experiential, problem and solution based learning. My facilitative approaches to encouraging learning are based on a recognition that we are all apprentices in the new world of 21st Century challenges in which we find ourselves and that teachers are also learners as society needs to develop new skills, dispositions, agency and cognitive capacities for working with change and transformation.

My work is supported by extensive experience in facilitating learning. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy have a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, Aberystwyth University (2008), which led to a published paper on resilience and higher order thinking; a Certificate in Counselling Skills, Abertay University (2013); extensive experience in designing and facilitating complex learning initiatives and groups; and continued development as a teacher of shamanistic practice.