I am Professor of Social Dimensions of Environment and Change at the University of York, UK. I am a Co-founder of the SDG Transformation Forum, Co-founder of the Tansformation Conference Series and Trustee of a change making organisation called H3Uni.

I am a transdisciplinary researcher, using a variety of science and social science methods and collaborate with economists, ecologists, educationalists, quantitative modellers, and others from the social sciences, humanities and the arts working at the interface of academia. I also work with those from policy, practice, local communities and government and non-government organisations on initiatives focused on achieving the significant changes in society and with challenges of the 21st Century.

I graduated in Zoology at the University of Aberdeen in 1997, completed an MSc in Ecology at the University of Wales, Bangor in 1998, and gained a doctorate in understanding the nature and role of experiential knowledge at the Australian National University in 2005. I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, at Aberystwyth University in 2008, with the work leading to a teaching excellence award in 2009. I also completed a certificate in counselling skills at the University of Abertay in 2012.

I have worked at a number of institutions, including as a: Writing Fellow and Tutor at the Australian National University (2005); Lecturer Sustainable Rural Development, Aberystwyth University (2006 – 2009); Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews (2009 – 2013); Professor Social Dimensions of Environmental Change and Deputy Director of the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience, University of Dundee (2013-2015); and Director of the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience, University of Dundee (2015-2018).

Ioan Fazey's Border Collie, Elidir

I have played a leadership role in many activities, contributing to panel reviews of project applications, advisory panels and delivering individual projects and keynote addresses at conferences and meetings. A key contribution has been international leadership to enhance and encourage research and practice related to transformations. This has included developing and supporting academics and practitioners and designing and convening meetings and conferences such as the Transformations to Sustainability Conference in 2017. I have also helped develop and now co-manage the influential Twitter feed ‘@dtdchange’ which has 180,000 followers and is ranked in the top 10 of the worlds twitter feeds relating to sustainability and climate change.

In a world of rapid change I find solace in spending time outdoors and walking my dog. I am committed to undergoing my own transformation and I am currently working towards a two year professional qualification in shamanistic practice at Anam Cara.