I am Professor of Social Dimensions of Environment and Change at the University of York, UK and Director of Strategy at the Department of Environment and Geography. I am Co-founder of the Tansformation Conference Series and Trustee of a change making organisation called H3Uni.

I am a transdisciplinary researcher and transformative practitioner who works across diverse sectors, disciplines and organisations to help support systemic or transformatinal change in a context of major global change. This includes work on food system change, organisational change, and renewal of Universities.

I originally trained in Zoology and Ecology at Aberdeen and Bangor Universities (1993-1998). My doctoral studies at the Australian National University (completed in 2005) then focused on understanding the role of experiential knowledge in helping practitioners work with complex systems. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education from Aberystwyth University (including a teaching excellence award in 2009) and a certificate in counselling skills from the University of Abertay (2012). I am also a certified Shamanistic Practitioner (2021).

I have worked at the Australian National University (2005); Aberystwyth University (2006 – 2009); University of St Andrews (2009 – 2013); and at the University of Dundee (2013-2019). At Dunde I was Deputy and Director of the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience .

Ioan Fazey's Border Collie, Elidir

A key contribution has been international leadership to enhance and encourage research and practice related to transformations. This has included developing and supporting academics, corporations, students and practitioners and designing and convening meetings and Transformations conferences.

In a world of rapid change I find solace in spending time outdoors and walking my dog. I am committed to undergoing my own transformation continuing to learn about my relationship to the world through shamanistic practice.